Intermediate Unit Guidance – Educational Stability for Children and Youth in Foster Care in Pennsylvania

Intermediate Unit Guidance

Collaboration with Intermediate Units and Intermediate Unit Responsibilities

Intermediate Units (IUs) like all LEAs were required to designate a Foster Care Point of Contact (POC) and submit a local transportation plan and Transportation Agreement MOU by December 10, 2016.

IUs should develop transportation plans that address the unique role that IUs may play to ensure school stability for foster care youth. When relevant, IUs should consider including sending school districts within the IU catchment area in the development of their local plan in order to ensure school stability.

In scenarios where an IU provides transportation for sending school districts/communities to IU-based programs (e.g. public preschool education or special education program) the IU must meet the Title I requirements for children in foster care.

LEAs sending and transporting students to Intermediate Unit (IU) based programs must notify the IU of foster care youth attending programs at their facilities and must make the same Title I accommodations for their foster care youth who attend the IU-based programs (e.g. public preschool education or special education programs). LEAs sending and transporting students to IU-based programs must consider these students in the development and design of the local transportation plan between the LEA and the CCYA. The LEA’s plan should reference specific transportation procedures for students who attend IU-based programs.

If an IU provides an LEA’s transportation for attending students at the LEA, the IU must be a part of the discussion with the LEA to ensure that the IU is included in the LEA’s local transportation plan with their corresponding CCYA.