CTC and Cyber School Guidance - Educational Stability for Foster Care Youth in Pennsylvania

Career and Technical Center (CTC) and Statewide Cyber Charter School Guidance

boy doing school work on computer

Colleagues at CTCs and statewide cyber charter schools should participate in educational placement best interest determinations (BIDs) between the LEA and the CCYA given the important role they play in the education of the child.

Therefore, CTCs and statewide cyber charter schools are encouraged to identify a foster care point of contact (POC) so that they can communicate efficiently with CCYAs and LEAs.

Colleagues from these entities may register a POC here.

However, CTCs, part-day or comprehensive, and statewide cyber charter schools are not required to submit written transportation plans and MOUs governing transportation for foster care youth at this time.

For more information, please email pafostercare@csc.csiu.org.